Do you have an empty, separate building – somewhere in a quiet country side? Would you like to use it instead of selling it? If yes, this is a perfect opportunity for you. All you need to do is to invest a little.

Secret Houses®- What is this?

Secret Houses® is a franchise chain meaning all our houses has the same interior desing created inside and brings the same qualities and service to their guests but operated each house separately. You will have to operate the house but we will help you with the marketing, advertising and appling the enterior design.

To suit the requirements we are currently looking for houses that are:

  • around  100 sqm on a separate estate
  • empty and noone lives in it
  • installed and equipped with water, gas and water drain
  • easy to approach by car
  • possibly not fully furnished

What is the Franchise chain?

Secret Houses® are like McDonald’s and Wendy’s or hungarian Fornetti companies.
It has a distinguished and one of a kind firm image that always bring the same high quality service and interior design inside which guaranties the financial success due to huge marketing and advertising campagnes.

Secret Houses ®  -  What are they ?

These houses can accomodate guests from all around the world. All houses posess same unmistakeble signature design that can be found only in Secret Houses ®
with quality services and equippments inside.
The owner (or him or her agent) of the house has to operate the unit building according to the francise handbook. Check the guests in, clean up, prepare the rooms for new guests, be present or near for any possible requests by guests.
Handle the money and accounting.

What does Secret Houses® the firm itself?

  • Arranges all communication strategies, advertisments
  • Populate the name and image of the company and the house units
  • send guests to the house units
  • perform quality controll according to the Franchise handbook
  • sells the Franchise license to new members
  • secure bank and insurrance background
  • help the current members to improve and maintain the service

What are my obligations once become a Francise member for Secret Houses ® ?

  • Sign the contract
  • Develop the house according to the Secrtet Houses ® image
  • Get all the business operation licence from local authorities
  • Make sure that guests are welcomed and checked out in style
  • Collect money, register informations about guests

Call today,  if you would like to join and become a Secret House operator !
+36 70/561 5615

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