Sould it remain just a dream or should it became reality? Honeymoon is a very special occasion. From that day on every kiss and hug is legal, but we have to make that first night to be very special for us. The honeymoon was always a secretive occasion.

The groom liftes his bride over the threshold, then they step into the house, drink a glass of champagne. She loses the wimple, both do undress and the groom finally gets his woman out of that big and fluffy dress. They drink and kiss and make love until the morning sun comes up. All they have to do is spoil and love each other again and again.

But in reality, usually the couple book a hotel room and once they get there they can get quite dissapointed. No matter if it is a special wedding suite, somehow it is still a hotel, smells a little, people walk by and it is difficult to lift the bride over the threshold if there is any at all. The interior is nice but still a hotel-look style. You have to check in at the reception where you get a glimpse from the employees. They know that nigth they will surly do the nasty until the morning. And probably the next day too. And if they dare to get a bit louder, knocking over the walls is almost guaranteed. So where is the romance in all that?

Where to go then ?  Destenation: Secret House !

Secret Houses ® were built to create an intimate, romantic envirolement for those who truly need a special location to celebrate that very special day and night.
Feng Shui designed and arranged envirolement guarantees the realaxation.
The room are about harmony and fuction designed by our interior designer.
And all this you can find on the charming country side. There are no neighbours, no reception and no other guests walking around and by. What could be more romantic than that ?
You can start a pillow fight, play catch me if you can and scream as loud as as you wish. You can truly be yourself at last.

And for those who once tried the Secret House experience, it will easy to anwer the question where to celebrate the anniversary?  In a Secret House of course !


Where can you find Secret Houses ® ? The first is now open in Hungary.
But the location is secret of couse. We wish to protect our guest’s privace so they can relax and enjoy themselves as it was ment to be for a special occasion.

To make a reservation or to get more information please call: +36 70/561 5615
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