Honeymoon? Anniversary? Valentin Day surprise? Secret escapade?

Pansio? Motel? Accomodation? What is the romantic side of it all? Forget about it!
There is a new way to do it all!

Secret Houses ® are for romantic people who really need everything in a romantic package.
Who still beleive in romance, and who still know the true meaning of love and
making love. Who care about where it happens and how it happens…

To make love you need intimacy !

You cannot find intimacy in the hotels. Receptions, check-in, smell of that hotel corridor.
Or the prices are up in the sky, and you still have the same noty neighbours
on the floors. Kids running around,and the maids smile behind your back because they knows that you have been doing that thing…

There must be a solution for people who need quality and intimacy at the same time.

Girls dream about the prince who will come one day, take her away and she will live in a shiny castle for the rest of her life. Not just in a shiny room. On their wedding day they can get it all.They can even rent out a whole castle for the ceremony. And then? And then? The next stop is a boring hotel room. Upsetting, not exciting at all! Why does it have to be this way? No, it does not have to be at all!  Not from today !

We are telling you a secret: Secret Houses ® were made for special intimate lodging.

Intimate loving moments. A whole resindency for you and for your loved one.
Honeymoon, or just a secret getaway, when you want to be together in a special way.
Choose Secret Houses ® instead of smelly, boring midstyle accomodations.

Where is it?  It’s a secret !

And it will remain secret until you make your reservation. Intimacy is part of Secret Houses ® company image, the protection the incognito of out guests.
Everything is possible in this love shake that was secretly on your mind. Make it come true now. Pillow fight on a queen size bed, especially designed furniture helps you to explore all positions of lovemaking. The rose scent of the air help you relax and re-charge, the red velvet of the bedroom feed your desires, in the play room you can let your inner child out of yourself and do all the things you dare to dream.
Honey kisses, chocolate massage, scented warm oils, or whatever comes to your mind.

A busy man’s basic desire is to hide away from the noisy world, from looking eyes, to be in a place where one can relax and re-charge, and enrich with special experiences.

That is what Secret Houses ® can give you !

Make your reservation now !

One couple per night:    HUF 26 000
Two couples per night: HUF 49 900
Love Package: Friday and Saturday night stay  HUF 49 900
Honeymoon Package:

3 nights on any day, Luxus breakfast
Includes champagne and caviar

HUF 75 000
Secret Package:
Monday to Friday for one couple per night :
Monday to Friday for one couple per two nights:
HUF 23 000
HUF 45 000

Gift Certificate - You can purchase it for Honeymoon, register it as a gift or buy it for Annyversary, Valentin-Day, or just to surprise someone you love ...

There is now price or date shown on the Certificate. Reservation must be made time ahead before use.
Purchase can be made by money transfer or in person.

For the prices above you can fully use one Elite category Secret House which has three theme-rooms, 2 bath rooms, great hall, kitchen and parking space for
your whelices. Large LCD-tv,DVD-player, portable CD-radio player, microwave oven, stowe, coffe-machine, bath robes, towels, bio shower gel, massage oils and hair dryer.

Larger dogs must be kept outside in the garden or patio.

You will find information about the local attractions and restorants at the house.

Check in time: 14:00 PM       Check out time:   12:00 Noon

Attention ! You must be 18 or older ! Secret Houses ® for adults only !

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